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What is DSA?

Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) features implementations of data structures and algorithms that complement those in .NET 3.5.

All data structures can be used exactly like those in the BCL so the learning curve is minimal - you only need know of the cost's when choosing the right data structure for your scenario. The majority of algorithms are implemented as extension methods to provide a greater synergy between DSA and .NET.

  • Data structures
    • SinglyLinkedList
    • DoublyLinkedList
    • BinarySearchTree
    • Heap
    • UnorderedSet etc
  • Algorithms
    • Quick sort
    • Merge sort
    • reverse words
    • Shell sort
    • Priority search etc
  • Full CLS compliance so you can use DSA with your preferred managed language (e.g. C#, C++/CLI, F# etc...)

Thank you

Luca Del Tongo

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